I still am trying different things out on the web with a wide result of  effects and learnt and burnt by what works and what doesn’t. Here at least works straight away. My other experiment is in nowhere land under a slight varied name from my old website: it is called therosewriter2.com with SimpleSite which may work eventually and when and if it does I’ll link it here to this blog. What really upset me is all my saved data from which was my own creation was not saved from that site but totally deleted for ever. Seems strange but I saved the data to my own machine thinking that was enough, but no they are forever gone. All those years of posts have virtually been destroyed  and I must start again. So the stroke TWO may eventually develop with SimpleSite and it may flourish. Or I may just let old dogs die and give that company the burial they gave all my works. Cut and paste does not work with even your own published works if they have been posted to the web under that particular site. So whatever I published has now gone forever.

2 Replies to “Undecided”

  1. Hi Rose,
    Have you considered calling the Web developer?
    This must be so frustrating.
    I will look to see if I did screenshots of some of your blog. Maybe other viewers have photos as well.
    Best Regards,
    Lili (Raikos) Dehen

    1. Hi Lill, I apologize for not seeing this last year. I hope you are still active in cyber space, You’re a Raikos? Please get back in touch. I would love to know more.
      I sorted out my problems and closed my old website down. I found most of my entries, saved in other platforms, so all’s well. Rose

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