The never ending saga

We try and we dabble and jump to free offers only to find they are not free at all and the indefinite  free website is not true, but some sly way of luring you into the trap of monthly payments. My aged brain thought I was getting a good deal with a month free website ( not here but else where on this world wide web.) I once had a web presence payed for and operating for many years with a web domain who recently offered a free trail for a new site. I cancelled my old web pages as I intended to transfer my best content over to this blog eventually once I had sorted our my years of writing and posting.  But now my web images are no longer seen when google searched and my web presence is no longer except within this blog and wattpad under the post of @newpoet. Typical big company attitudes are to trick customers into deals that are not constructive to our needs. They are only out to make money from the little people and then block their contact email so you can’t discuss anything with them . This is what has happened to me, so I can not reach them over the problems I’m having with said asked payment of 11.98 US dollars which adds up to around 24 dollars a month for a once advertised free site. Is this then a free website? Please don’t think it is here people because it is not. is not like that, but are honest in their advertising of their web platforms. I know where I stand with this company where as with my previous web site operators I now can not even ask them why and try and work something out with them so I can continue with a fully functional web presences. So that is my beef for today and it comes with a warning of nothing is ever free they have a policy in the fine print that offers can be reversed at any time and we as customers are always wrong.

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