Can Computers play TRICKS ?

Sometimes my computer tricks me and I miss read my own titles of my many pieces of writing. Just imagine you have decided to enter a poem into a competition and you send in the wrong piece of writing. Well that happened to me today, and I like an idiot that I am, I tried to retrieve my miss sent poem and re-apply. I sent  sweet words in an email to the competition organisers saying my computer played tricks with me. I know I’ll not get an answer, why should they even try to help in this situation. As for my poem,  it will be lost to the defaulted pile as the numbers of the poem will not relate to the registration rules. So I just lost $10.

Yes, I’m an old fool still trying to find some recognition of my many years of writing.   I can’t afford to re-apply with another poem, that will be another loaf of bread and a bottle of milk with a sandwich filling.  Is this a message that I shouldn’t try and enter competitions? Or just a sign of my miss read sight tricking my mind that I picked the right poem to send out into the world of competitions?

Maybe, just maybe when I believe I can resend a poem or a story into the world, I’ll be sense able and CHECK to make sure my computer hasn’t tricked me.. again by picking the wrong file.  There is the button that reads submit and another which says cancel for a reason. So if anyone else is today trying to become a recognised writer or poet in this new technological world, where all submissions are online and in those platforms with codes embedded  so no personal names are shown on the submitted writing, well I wish you luck.  And don’t press that submit button until you are doubly sure that your computer hasn’t tricked you with the selection of the WRONG FILE .

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