Country Stars

Last month, I escaped away to the mountains to meet up with family, my sisters and my nieces. My sisters live on a hillside within the scenic rim. They are surrounded by nature. And the stars at night are something to remember and hold as a treasured memory the sight of the milky way. I was looking forward to this little get away.  I was picked up half way to their place and driven through Beaudesert and out to Rathdowny. We gathered to make our gifts of beads with  red wine, cranberry and  pomegranate juice. We also drank on our first night together to sat goodbye to an old dog which had died. My niece of course was upset about her four legged companion’s passing and the drinking and talking was all part of the wake for her dog.

Our drinking was also a time to be just sisters and talk. This gathering was to help my niece through her pregnancy of her third child, a boy. The next day was spent making sandwiches then gathering in a every female way over champagne and lunch to tell the expected mother why we had chosen our beads and what strength they will give her. I threaded each gifted bead to make a necklace she could wear on her day of birthing.

He came into the world this day 31st of July. So we now have more celebrations coming in welcoming him into the world. More red wine and cranberry/ pomegranate juice and maybe another night under the stars.  Its a big event for our whole family, this little boy’s birth.  He is the first male born in our family for 21 years.

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