My old Website is Closed.

I had a web page mainly to showcase my artwork. In the year 2010 while completing my studies within Visual Arts I opened a website with the advertised amount of $1. That’s right it was a trick to reel in the unexpected  fool that I was, who honestly thought a company would give something away for nothing.  That first dollar ended up as being just the beginning. After a month, I was told if I wished to keep the site I would need to register my domain name which was “”. I did ,and spent the money they wished for me doing so. I believe it was a monthly payment of at first around $9 per month. Problem was this company was overseas, in Sweden I think or Denmark so with the exchange rate it was more. But because we were encouraged to have a website to showcase our talents , I kept it going.

What I am questioning is, each time I went to add or edit my work my view count was rising, but it was a silent one which is creepy. Having over a 300,000 hit rate on last count I began to wander if this was true as I received very few comments.  I continued to use the site until 2016 when I couldn’t keep the payments up, but sent them a long email of stating how long I had been with the company and they should treat their long term customers with a little more respect.

Well they felt my website in a reduced state with most of my content lost to the delete button. I wasn’t able to re-enter and change things, nor could I fix my account. So now I was left with my domain name lost within this now depleted site. I now am here and just keep my words and rants to this blog page, oh and my facebook page sometimes and my wattpad account for my writing.

My domain name has been taken over by someone else already by changing one letter, the “T” is capitalized and for some reason is now already in operating. even though I still have a week to find if I wish to open a new webpage with another domain. If I was to try and re establish my right to this domain name it would be challenged by the now operating Denmark company who is basically using my name. I really am a silly person to think if anyone cares.

If you do please be kind and leave a comment on what you would do in this situation?

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