P is for all your pieces separated and spread

A is for the Acropolis the mount on which you are built.

R is for the Return of all those pieces still in foreign lands

Still held in foreign hands so the jigsaw of the re-build still is in- complete.

T is for the time you have endured the rape and neglect within powerful minds

Those who wheel the power of keeping your pieces apart.

H is for the hope within our hearts for a truthful conclusion of your story so far.

The one which sees all your pieces returned to the Acropolis museum.

The purpose-built home for all those fragments to be viewed near where you sit.

E is for the energy, endurance, and the exuberance which is evoked at the sight of seeing you

lit up in lights or shining with the sun, that special Attica light.

N is for the names which hold your story aloft and right

O is for your originality which the Western World copied many times.

N is for the never-ending push to bring all your pieces home. Back to the Acropolis

And the Attica light. parthenon

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