Why write ?

What is the push to make a blog page in the first place? Are we just standing on a soap box screaming out to the world, but not to an audience ? I do share my endless words on many different platforms, but my visitors are every low in number.  I wonder, am I wasting my energy, and precious time  on the white screen?

My stories are floating in cyberspace neglected, as I lost my will to push them on to a higher level of publishable standard. The editing process is so overwhelming. I’ve used pro-write, and grammarly  as the first edit for many of my written works. But, I still missed correcting mistakes that others saw on yet another editing site, scribophille.

Do we have an auto correct button in our brain that gets in the way when we try and correct our own writing? Yes. I believe mine works overtime so I can make sense of my own writing. My brain works differently from most people as I am dyslexic. I’m at University studying to help me relearn and find my strengths. I am now 63 years- old , and still trying to write my stories I know will one day find a publisher. Dyslexia .

So I really am pushing my comfort zone trying to achieve, but that is how my brain works. I am creative. I am adaptable. I use more of my brain to read and write than other people. And if this is sounding like a person trying to find their good points, it is.

What strings together with disabilities such as learning to read, is depression and anxiety. We as children were treated differently as our reading levels were much lower than our peers. The shame of not knowing how to read led to malignant self -esteem.


2 Replies to “Why write ?”

  1. That sums it up well Rose. I struggle with similar issues. Much of my writing sits in cyberspace. Does anyone read it? Sometimes I guess. Is it about ego? Maybe, but also about wanting to communicate, wanting to make a contribution to the global discourse, perhaps an effort to do my bit to help make the world a more balanced and sustainable place.

    1. A sign of our times, with technology at our finger tips we can write and hope that our words can make that difference in our world. Sometimes though it all seems like we are tricking ourselves and it is then all ego. Thanks for the comment.

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