Songs and Language learning

Song by Music by Θάνος Μικρούτσικος, Lyrics by Νίκος Καββαδίας

Presented by a member of my family.

How best to learn another language ? Many believe and say that songs and singing helps us learn. We sing the words but do we know what those words mean? Maybe not straight-away, but if we had the translation of those words in our own language we could find meaning.

When listening the sound of the words are musical so we hear it through our musical ear. It transforms our learning into pleasure.  The music helps us remember the words and they can be recalled with the help of hearing the song, or picked up in conversation once we are exposed to the content of meaning. Singing the words helps us with our pronunciation of the words. Our vocabulary of the language builds with each new song sung.

Next year I’m free from study because I’ve finished my degree after eight years of study. I aim to learn Modern Greek to a higher standard than my basic grasp of my husband’s mother’s tongue. To begin this journey I will help organize a singing , music and drama group within the Brisbane Greek Community with AHEPA.

Our first activity will be a karaoke Traverna  Night which we hope will attract attention of those who wish to learn Modern Greek, and to enjoy themselves.  The song list is now being shared among the amateur and professional singers and musicians and it could develop into a live band helping us sing along with the words displayed on screen. Both Greek and English translations of those songs will I believe help us with just a basic or nothing at all learn a few words or even phrases.

More notices of this proposed event will follow this first link and blog post.

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