My Comfort Zone Poetry Collection

My Comfort Zone Collection from Wattpad Revisited  6th /12/2021

The Watt Pad Poet

What defines me? IS – I AM A POET OF WATT PAD

I’m not sure how can I explain to another who I am?

Of course, only poetry can do me justices:

A poem rambling and full of mistakes, may just do it—No?

Not allowed, not allowed you say. -Poems must be structured—

The length of line must be so long

And not beyond the human breath, —really?

I always say more than my breath can hold, you see

Poems must have rules of rhythm and rhyme

— NOT ALL POEMS my goodness no!

Only a few can understand that poems must be free

To flow with a life of their own.

As natural as a river un-dammed,

Untamed by edges of man-made concrete

But banks of soil as mud that can break and change if the weather changes

And maybe mangroves for the fish to be born and grow

All earthy and natural like. A whole new word of poetry style

The wattpad poem and while alive those poems change and morph with time. 


I ramble on so over these sheets of light in the Wattpad World. 

Here, standing in cyberspace on the virtual soapbox

Screaming out the injustice of human beings do on their own kind

and on all life forms here on this jewel of blue,

I’m just a sad voice of hollow words.

No actions, only words to fill my spirit with comfortable thoughts.

The poet for justices and giving birth to a better world ( so I believe)

Is just in my imagination. Or do we poets live to leave something behind? 

And my kind  as we gather trying to hold each up

as each one of us speaks out to those who stop to read 

our world of words here in wattpad reality, this place of poetry. 

And the friendships are born for that gathering on this site of watt pad.

A heavenly place for the wannabees to gather and find an audience to please.

Just as in Paris’s many salons at the turn of the last century. 

I AM is what I am, and I know that I have done the best I can,

Because I am an optimist and believe in an amazing future for this world.

Where finally our poems will one day give us some financial security —come on Rose be real

Who will pay for ramblings? And the voice within says—THE FUTURE WILL SEE THEM STILL.

And if not, I know that I can escape the daily grind of life for a time in my WATT PAD World. 

A comfort zone for a poet of freewill to sprout about all the injustices or just speak of life 

Seen through the eyes of a human and written as a free verse poems or is it prose, I don’t care.

These words may just be for me and my comfort zone appeal and there they are real.

( Taken from published standalone poem to add to this collection (6/12/2021) 

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