War Machines , Killing and Craziness.

I turn off the news

It is all too much .

Banning Culture

It smells of propaganda.

It is all too much

So I turn off the news.

I play music , classical

to calm my nerves.

War is not the answer

My friends, war is never the answer

especially now , especially

when our planet, our mother ,

Is trying so hard to right our destruction

war is not what we need.

The life giver, or mother to all things great and small .

Desperately needs peace so she can heal.

Think of the CHILDREN ,

why this fighting, for what ?

A dead world , is all you will rule.

War is not what we need.

So I pray for Sanity and Peace.

Peace for this world , this crazy world.


By focusing on an Ancient Icon

Orthodox image of the Blessed Kiss.

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