My Art

Those pieces of art sitting around my home are an expression of a time when I was working out my inner being. Who I was and my value to the world. In some ways it was a healing process. I was recovering from a slight stroke event after having an Asthma Attack. The clay modeling helped me with coordination as I used hand eye manipulation modelling the clay into sculptures. The process of creation was like a medicine and improved my mood and sense of worth.

Prior to this course of learning ,I was doing water colour painting with the Water Colour Society of my home state. Again therapeutic, and rediscovered my love for art. At high school I excelled in this subject but after finishing school all my efforts went into becoming a nurse. Life, marriage and children followed , I kept writing poems but producing art only reemerged in convalescence and the healing produced a large body of work.

THIS FIRST IMAGE : Oil on canvas large painting this view is focusing on left hand side 2008

Sacred Gathering of Female Deity 2008
Focus view of right side of painting showing Pandora , this is how she finished but the following image has more power.
I over painted and changed her face to look like an actors mask “Pandora” , then lost this image to too much over painting.
Under painting of large oil painting to establish light and shadow.

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