New Movie

For the last two weeks I’ve worked hard to produce a three minute film. Yes, only three minutes, of the first part of a poem. One which was written for the  International Organisation for the Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles back to  Athens and the Acropolis Museum.   Your Home Awaits You

All the images have been sourced from freely available google images and referenced. Some are my own creation of watercolour paintings of the Marbles which have inspired my art. The music was sourced from freely available  tracks from the web. Like the Sky by Damiano Baldoni which worked so well with my written poem. For the full version of this poem please visit Wattpad newpoet Your Home Awaits You

Each year I try and make time to produce something for this International Organisation to use freely for educational purposes. If you do not know much about the Parthenon Marbles a place to start is by visiting the purpose built museum in Athens.Again this can be seen virtually via Parthenon    and The birth of the New Acropolis Museum  . Other films within this group on Ytube will give you more information about the long battle the Greek people have had with the British Museum .

The Acropolis Museum is now 8 years old and was especially built to receive the Parthenon Marbles. The Parthenon Marbles where once wrongly named the Elgin Marbles  which unfortunately are still within the British Museum even though for generations the Greek People have continually asked for them to be sent back.

Can Computers play TRICKS ?

Sometimes my computer tricks me and I miss read my own titles of my many pieces of writing. Just imagine you have decided to enter a poem into a competition and you send in the wrong piece of writing. Well that happened to me today, and I like an idiot that I am, I tried to retrieve my miss sent poem and re-apply. I sent  sweet words in an email to the competition organisers saying my computer played tricks with me. I know I’ll not get an answer, why should they even try to help in this situation. As for my poem,  it will be lost to the defaulted pile as the numbers of the poem will not relate to the registration rules. So I just lost $10.

Yes, I’m an old fool still trying to find some recognition of my many years of writing.   I can’t afford to re-apply with another poem, that will be another loaf of bread and a bottle of milk with a sandwich filling.  Is this a message that I shouldn’t try and enter competitions? Or just a sign of my miss read sight tricking my mind that I picked the right poem to send out into the world of competitions?

Maybe, just maybe when I believe I can resend a poem or a story into the world, I’ll be sense able and CHECK to make sure my computer hasn’t tricked me.. again by picking the wrong file.  There is the button that reads submit and another which says cancel for a reason. So if anyone else is today trying to become a recognised writer or poet in this new technological world, where all submissions are online and in those platforms with codes embedded  so no personal names are shown on the submitted writing, well I wish you luck.  And don’t press that submit button until you are doubly sure that your computer hasn’t tricked you with the selection of the WRONG FILE .

Still learning :Lifestyle but for how long? Lifestyle costs!

We continue to learn way past our prime childhood and young adult years, as everyone is capable of achieving and actually learning something new each day. Regardless of age or ability. One of my life’s goals is to continue to learn until my very last breath. So this is my lifestyle which I wish to share with those who are interested in life-long-learning.

Why do we  short deal our own abilities when it comes to new ways of doing things? Especially with the elderly and technology? Must we always rely on a younger mind to show us the ropes or can we gain our experiences of this new way of cultural exchange through sheer determination and we ourselves must grapple with, this new technical life which we see developing around us? Learning starts when we do it ourselves and explore this new virtual lifestyle.

I know of some people who have mastered digital art in their retirement years because they wished to express themselves in this medium and they have excelled in photoshoping their own art and photographs. Cost of programs is what stops me from doing the same, unfortunately.

But still, it is even the little differences that can bring enjoyment without extra expense.

My mother-in-law rejoiced when she could play cards without having to handle the the old paper cards as they become aged and worn quickly with use.

Skype has also become the overseas phone call now so we can keep in touch with our families when distance separates the members of closely knit families. I hope this is always freely available and preserved for the simple things of life and family connection.   I also hope that grandmas and grandpas can guide the young through out the web so the young are not hurt by those predators who darken the world wide web. Our virtual world does reflect our lifestyle in many ways as we experiment in the newly available technology. But it has a cost component that is out of reach for many pensioners as food and shelter with power and rising costs of living erode  the retired elderly’s available income of the luxury of dabbling in the  virtual world.



The never ending saga

We try and we dabble and jump to free offers only to find they are not free at all and the indefinite  free website is not true, but some sly way of luring you into the trap of monthly payments. My aged brain thought I was getting a good deal with a month free website ( not here but else where on this world wide web.) I once had a web presence payed for and operating for many years with a web domain who recently offered a free trail for a new site. I cancelled my old web pages as I intended to transfer my best content over to this blog eventually once I had sorted our my years of writing and posting.  But now my web images are no longer seen when google searched and my web presence is no longer except within this blog and wattpad under the post of @newpoet. Typical big company attitudes are to trick customers into deals that are not constructive to our needs. They are only out to make money from the little people and then block their contact email so you can’t discuss anything with them . This is what has happened to me, so I can not reach them over the problems I’m having with said asked payment of 11.98 US dollars which adds up to around 24 dollars a month for a once advertised free site. Is this then a free website? Please don’t think it is here people because it is not. is not like that, but are honest in their advertising of their web platforms. I know where I stand with this company where as with my previous web site operators I now can not even ask them why and try and work something out with them so I can continue with a fully functional web presences. So that is my beef for today and it comes with a warning of nothing is ever free they have a policy in the fine print that offers can be reversed at any time and we as customers are always wrong.


I still am trying different things out on the web with a wide result of  effects and learnt and burnt by what works and what doesn’t. Here at least works straight away. My other experiment is in nowhere land under a slight varied name from my old website: it is called with SimpleSite which may work eventually and when and if it does I’ll link it here to this blog. What really upset me is all my saved data from which was my own creation was not saved from that site but totally deleted for ever. Seems strange but I saved the data to my own machine thinking that was enough, but no they are forever gone. All those years of posts have virtually been destroyed  and I must start again. So the stroke TWO may eventually develop with SimpleSite and it may flourish. Or I may just let old dogs die and give that company the burial they gave all my works. Cut and paste does not work with even your own published works if they have been posted to the web under that particular site. So whatever I published has now gone forever. has now become

My first website with simple site is now closed. I had it for years silently screaming out to no-one and paying a large fee over the years for no response.

To Begin again:

I’m trying out this site  to see if I can reach anyone else of like minds. I have linked to twitter and other websites that I’ve posted my creative content.

My creative mind was something I’ve nurtured over many years, with a massive amount of content floating silently on pages of light. under the name of Newpoet holds many of my creative prose, poems and stories. Unfortunately I can’t link to this website from here so I will try to do it from so some connection between those virtual worlds of mine which are active.